The Fame Monster: Rockstars And Rockstar Entrepreneurs

lady gaga fame 2

Fame is an effective promotional strategy. It might even make life better. But handle it with care. 

Maybe you want to be the next startup superstar, Or a world class athlete. Or that freelancer — so in demand you have to turn away work. Or a coach, consultant, author, speaker, singer, actor, doctor, lawyer, microbrewer, yoga teacher, butcher, baker, candlestick maker….

Great! Here’s step one: get famous. Build a platform of loyal followers to pack your virtual cheering section with likes, follows, shares, and five star reviews. Then, if N people think you’re famous, and each year P percent of them spend $ with you, your revenues will be NP$.


But that’s not what most people think about when they think about being famous. Most of the time, fame means being known, big time — big enough that it makes our companies profitable and ourselves rich.

But why stop at being famous? Why not …

Be a Rock Star!

Why do we want that?

For more, including my personal run-in with the allure of the Fame Monster, click here for my latest LinkedIn Pulse article.

Author: Kevin Rhodes

Kevin Rhodes draws insight and perspective from his prior career in law, business, and consulting, from his studies in economics, psychology, neuroscience, entrepreneurship, and technology, and from personal life experience.

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