The Fame Monster: Rockstars And Rockstar Entrepreneurs

lady gaga fame 2

Fame is an effective promotional strategy. It might even make life better. But handle it with care. 

Maybe you want to be the next startup superstar, Or a world class athlete. Or that freelancer — so in demand you have to turn away work. Or a coach, consultant, author, speaker, singer, actor, doctor, lawyer, microbrewer, yoga teacher, butcher, baker, candlestick maker….

Great! Here’s step one: get famous. Build a platform of loyal followers to pack your virtual cheering section with likes, follows, shares, and five star reviews. Then, if N people think you’re famous, and each year P percent of them spend $ with you, your revenues will be NP$.


But that’s not what most people think about when they think about being famous. Most of the time, fame means being known, big time — big enough that it makes our companies profitable and ourselves rich.

But why stop at being famous? Why not …

Be a Rock Star!

Why do we want that?

For more, including my personal run-in with the allure of the Fame Monster, click here for my latest LinkedIn Pulse article.

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